What Summer Pests Am I Going to Have to Deal With?

Florida is known for its beautiful summers, with residents and tourists alike relaxing on the beaches, visiting their favorite restaurants, going on cruises, and so much more. Until you’ve lived in Florida for awhile, though, you don’t know anything about some of the bugs that will end up in your yard during the summer time.

The summer season brings bugs and pests with it in areas all over the country, there is no secret about that. The difference, however, is that they can be worse in tropical regions thanks to the moisture and humidity in the air. Some bugs thrive in this atmosphere, and no one knows that better than your local commercial tick control pensacola specialist.

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What Pests Will I Be Seeing This Summer?

As the summer time gets ready to settle in, you may be wondering what bugs and other pests you should expect to see. If this is your first summer living in Pensacola, you’re going to learn really fast about the types of bugs that make their way to the Sunshine State.

Here are some of the most common bugs and pests you should expect to see in your yard this summer:

·    Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes love that Floridian summertime air, and they love even more to find someone to bite. Make sure you’re careful, as mosquitoes are known to carry various types of disease.

·    Ticks: It is not uncommon to find ticks crawling around on you if you’ve been in tall grass or way out in the woods. Ticks are also known to carry disease, so be careful if you find on or near you.

·    Wasps: Red wasps love the hot environment that the Florida summer brings with it. Try your best to avoid these guys so you don’t get stung.

You can call in the professionals or find your own solutions to the problems these bugs bring with them. Depending on your budget, you should be able to get them to stay away, whether you’re treating your home by yourself or hire a pro to do it. You’ll be glad you did when you are barbecuing in the summer without being swarmed by several different kinds of annoying insects.

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