Safety Tips When Working With Power Tools & Power Cords

Whether your job requires you to work with power tools every day or you simply enjoy a Bit of DIY work now and again, the following safety tips make it easier to get the job done without injuries, damages or other problems at your business.

·    Never bypass the off/on switch because you are in a hurry or have needs beyond the tool’s capabilities.

·    Make sure all of your power tools are switched to the ‘off’ position before switching them on or connecting to an outlet/power source.

·    Use only properly grounded tools. They should contain a UE warning label to ensure they’re safe and ready to use.

·    Disconnect any power source before working on any power tool or power cord.

·    Water and electricity do not mix. Make sure to keep all cord and tools away from water to avoid risk of a shock or other problems such as equipment failure.

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·    Test tools with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) frequently. All tools can be checked for safety using this device.

·    Do not suspend extension cords over paths that people may walk. This easily causes a slip and fall citation.

·    Check all power cords for frays, splits, cracks, and other types of damage before each use.

Call a professional to schedule commercial electrical services houston once per year to keep your power tools and cords properly working for the longest possible time frame.  The inspection also ensures that your tools are safe and will not cause injuries. Be sure to also keep the tips above in mind for best results. You can use power tools and cords as often as little as you would like without worry when you keep this information in mind.

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